Employee Wellness

Reduced claims, lower premiums and less absenteeism, along with improved morale and productivity are just a few reasons that wellness benefits have proven to be a powerful tool for both small and large employers.  More than a way to reduce healthcare cost and prevent illnesses, wellness is a choice and form of population health that improves the lives of your employees and their families.  Providing this essential benefit option demonstrates your commitment to your employees and makes them less likely to ever leave your employ.

The Bayside Planning Group works with top carriers who incorporate additional wellness benefits into the basic health coverage with little or no additional costs.  We also work with vendors who can provide additional, affordable, wellness strategies.  As with any benefit program, employee communication is key to promoting employee engagement and a healthy workforce. The Bayside Planning Group can team with you to help promote employee health.

Following are a few of the wellness resources available through employee wellness benefits: